Following is a sample of what I’ve produced and gotten outside my digital walls.over the last few years. I’m the author of seven other novels I’ve not found the time to market (I’m too busy writing, which is hardly an excuse). One day.


The Belief in Things Unseen Coming Soon from World Castle Publishing

As the murder of fifteen-year-old Faith Morgan brings her family to their knees, old secrets and resentments stir. Pushing his own marriage to the brink, head of the local joint law enforcement center Lieutenant Hunter Leighton vows a very personal vengeance once he catches the people responsible, while the marriage of Grace and Cash Morgan becomes an unexpected refuge in the wake of their daughter's death.

The small town of Mosaic, Georgia, happy to pass its sleep days under porch fans with lemonade and gossip, knows little more than the occasional burglary or inebriated driver, all of whom Hunter arrests and most of whom Cash defends. As the only witness to Faith's murder, Mosaic holds everyone's secrets and decides when and how to reveal them, teaching the lesson that sometimes justice is a clear conscience. The Belief in Things Unseen spins a kaleidoscope of pages defining and redefining what it means love, hate, and be family and doesn't stop until the final page.


Shorts at 6Sentences

Three ezine collections and several standalone microfiction and flash fiction pieces.


The 6S Collected Vol. I

A curated collection of the best 6S microfiction and flash fiction.